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Annual Report

Statement By Rev. Earl E. Nance, JR – Corporate Treasurer

Heat-Up St. Louis, Inc., d/b/a (Cool Down St. Louis and, is a regional, not-for-profit utility assistance, public education and advocacy charity with a 58-member all volunteer board of directors.

100% of the donations from the generosity of the general public solely services the qualified seniors, disabled and low-income heads of households, with small children based in part on income, inability to pay their utilities and health and safety issues, etc. (once-a-year) within the bi-state (MO/IL) area. The Board of Directors annually underwrites all operating expenses, including accounting and auditing services; office and other administrative support.

The 19/20 proposed budget was approved by the full board of directors during its 19th annual business meeting in June of 2019 at the Jewel Box in Forest Park.  If you wish to see our IRS 990 Report click here, otherwise below you will find our current approved annual operating budget.

In addition to the approved operating budget, and our on-time filing of our IRS 990, our current annual business meeting board booklet is available for review at our office by making an appointment via email with our general counsel and corporate board secretary, Atty. Norman Newmark. Any foundation or major donor may also obtain certain requested materials they deem necessary to make an informed contribution decision. At our expense, we may U.S. Mail or email them to you, in a timely manner.

Respectively submitted.

Annual Operating Budget for 2020/2021

Heat-Up St. Louis 990 – 2020