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For Immediate Release: 6/29/2010

Cool Down St. Louis Receives $25,000 Grant

100% of Donations Go To Needy, Not For Staffing!

Cool Down St. Louis, is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit charity helping seniors and disabled in 17 Missouri and Illinois counties, including the City of St. Louis has just received as special $25,000 emergency grant for the purchase of air-conditioners for needy clients. This is in addition to a recent 100 donated units by AmerenUE and the on-going involvement of Vatterott College.

Cool Down St. Louis officials are also asking the media to considering posting its website strictly for donations ONLY, and use the 314-241-7668 for help, since the majority of the general poor population don’t have computers to log onto for help.

Because the need is greater than ever, Cool Down St. Louis is currently in partnership with Vatterott Colleges in Missouri and Illinois, and they are asking the general public to donate new and slightly air-conditioners by dropping them off to any Vatterott College campus, Monday thru Friday during business hours. Before the $25,000 is used, as emergency cases, the regional charity is hoping that the public participates in the S.O.S. (Saving our Seniors) project.

Also Cool Down St. Louis has limited funds for ONLY for households with seniors, the disabled and needy families with small children to help with their electric bills.  Needy clients should call 314-241-7668 the automatic help hotline.  

The charity is working with the 14 area social service agency agencies and churches to “Check on Their Neighbors,” and to help qualify needy people. 

The public can go on-line at www.cooldownstlouis.org to make a credit card donation, or go to Cool Down St. Louis, c/o UMB Bank, P.O. Box 868, St. Louis, MO 63188.

Unlike other groups dealing with air-conditioners this summer, 100% of all public donations to Cool Down St. Louis go towards servicing the needy.  No expenses are taken out for staffing, and installations of the units are donated, by Cool Down St. Louis volunteers.

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