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Cool Down St. Louis Supports AmerenUE’s Clean Slate Program

But ...The Charity Will Aid In Down Payments ...

Cool Down St. Louis, which is helping area seniors, the elderly and disabled people and low-income households with small children with air-conditioners and utility bills are pleased by the generosity of the AmerenUE’s Clean Slate Program.

However, there are some households that will not be able to have electricity, if they don’t have the required down payments. Cool Down is willing to help qualified clients, if they don’t have 10% (past due), or 20% (already disconnected) down payments. Also there are still families slightly above the poverty-level, who will not qualify for the AmerenUE Clean Slate Program through their respective agencies. Cool Down St. Louis based onfund availability will attempt to fill the financial safety-net through its partnerships, etc.

Cool Down therefore urges those persons who qualify to ask our partnering agencies, if they can obtain a 'Down Payment' grant upwards to $250 from Cool Down St. Louis, or call our resource hotline or 314-241-7668. Cool Down officials urge area residents to keep on their air during these hot summer months, despite their past due electric bills. 

“AmerenUE has taken a lot of pressure off of those who are often extremely trapped during the summer months in trying to pay their utilities, groceries and rent,” said Rev. Earl E. Nance, Jr, chair emeritus of Cool Down St. Louis. “It’s a blessing, but we must serve as that effective safety net -- still.”

Cool Down St. Louis encourages area donors to still make tax-deductible summer donations to its all-volunteer charity, so that it can fund the “down payments” of numerous AmerenUE consumers, as well as purchase new air-conditioners, when the donated supplies are depleted. It’s cooldownstlouis.org or drop off any donation at a UMB Bank Center.


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