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Official Statement: Hardee’s Food Systems

Melanie DiLeo, Board Chairwoman, Heat-Up St. Louis

As an all-volunteer charity, helping people with their winter heating bills, we want to repeatedly thank Hardee’s, for being a good corporate citizen --with headquarters in St. Louis City. Their generosity is unspeakable, especially during these economic trying times.

We've worked for nine years on this annual Hardee’s Rise and Shine fundraiser, and this is the worst we've ever experienced with thousands of unbelievable demands for energy assistance. Hardee’s never shied away from their commitment to our all-volunteer efforts.

To the hundreds of executives and top managers, and thousands of men and women, who worked feverishly over hot ovens to bake those made-from-scratch biscuits and had to work in the heat with those hot Sausage and Egg products, we are gratefully indebted.

It is challenging times like these where the generosity of warm hearts and charity truly comes out -- Hardee’s has earned a significant honor for donating their product, underwriting their and our administrative costs, so that 100% of the special sells efforts and canister collections truly aid hundreds of bi-state area poor, elderly and disabled people, who can’t afford to pay their winter heating bills.

Thank you -- Hardee’s for having thousands of warm hearts in order that we might be able to heat hundreds of homes.

Thank you so much!


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