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The Pasta House Co. "Buy A Flame,
Heat A Home" Fundraiser for Heat-Up St. Louis
Final Fundraising Efforts During Month of March

The Pasta House Co., is giving its pasta lovers and other residents throughout the St. Louis region a chance to participate in Heat-Up St. Louis' last winter fundraising project, "Buy A Flame, Heat A Home," fundraiser. Heat-Up officials believe that there is still much more cold weather facing the St. Louis region. They are anticipating that this March will be much colder than last year, and several weather experts are agreeing with the predictions.

The Pasta House Co. will encourage customers and the public during the entire month of March to drop off $1.00 or more tax-deductible donations in canisters and receive die-cut colored flames. They can place their names on the flames and the items will be posted within the Italian family restaurants in both Missouri and Illinois.

"We are fortunate to have a caring St. Louis," says J. Kim Tucci, The Pasta House Co. president, and chairman emertius of the Heat-Up St. Louis, all-volunteer board. "Many needy people are without gas and electric and still making tough choices between heating and eating."

The funds from the March Pasta House Co. restaurant fundraiser will benefit the area elderly, disabled, and low-income families who have difficulties in paying home heating bills. Many have already had their services disconnected or they are being threatrened with a disconnect notice.

Tucci reminds the public that March is the last month that households in Missouri will be protected by the Missouri Public Service Commissioner's "Cold Weather Rule." The rule prohibits area utilities from disconnecting home heating services when the temperature is 32 degrees or below. It also provides the customer an opportunity to make payment agreements.

Last month's "The Hardee's Rise and Shine for Heat," fundraiser collected more than $50,000 in donations from the special sell of various biscuit sandwiches, and small donations given to more than 350 volunteers, who served as celebrity hosts.

"We use the funds from Heat-Up St. Louis as a financial bridge," states Merlene Anderson, executive director for the St. Louis County Community Action Agency. "Many clients have large utility bills and there are often not enough funding sources to help pay the bills."

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